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Navi Collaborative was founded in late 2014 out of a desire for artistic action and opportunity. We began making work in 2015 and we haven’t looked back since. At Navi we love a good story. We aim to exhilarate, excite and expand thought through the performing arts with a focus on creating original theatre and film.


At Navi we holds firm to the belief that creativity begets creativity. We are a collaborative of professional artist working together to not only realise one another's projects, but to also create opportunities and hold space for other Auckland based creatives. We seek to produce original content for theatre and film and well as premiere international works that speak to us.

In the seven years that we have been producing work we have brought to life four original theatre pieces, two short films, and have premiered two existing international plays to Auckland audiences . We have also partnered with multiple Auckland based charities to bring awareness to and raise money for their causes as well as held free devising workshops for both school aged and adult creatives.

New Year. New Theme.

Finding our light. Engaging the flame. Eating holes in the things that no longer serve us.

2023 is all about leaving our comfort zone and committing to a year centered around filmmaking.

Dawn Glover Auckland actor


Artistic Director

Dawn Glover is a founding member of Navi Collaborative and the acting Artistic Director. Dawn is an actor (represented by Trio Arts), singer (The Dead Travellers), writer (The Dummy, (on) WHATIPU), director (Aria, Balls, The Cheshire Cat's Smile), acting coach (Kacie Stetson Studio), runner, and obsessed greyhound mum.

Dawn has a Master of Fine Arts in performance from Purdue University; where she was one of seven students chosen to attend the well regarded graduate programme from 2007-2010. Dawn worked in both professional theatre and film across the US before relocating to Auckland in 2013. Since moving to Auckland, Dawn has continued to grow both her acting and directing career and has begun to explore her passion for bringing the performing arts to students and adults with intellectual disabilities. In 2022 she was supported by Creative Communities and Chocolate Lantern to collaborate on a performance with the teachers and students at Oaklynn Special School. In 2023 she hopes to finally explore creating pieces off the stage as well as open up to collaboration with a wider community of creators.



Executive Producer

Prema is a passionate storyteller, whether it’s through bringing her own stories to life, or helping others to realise theirs. As an actor, director and writer she has always loved the performing arts and the collaboration and connection that is made with fellow artists and the audience. 

Prema has been a writer most of her life, but has recently rediscovered it through writing scripts for both screen and stage. The first season of (on) Whatipu was her first big project with Navi, and she has since written three short films, and has another in development.

In recent years Prema has started to develop her craft as a director by: assistant directing on a number of projects, directing a short play as part of Short + Sweet, a web series, and Navi’s film Waters Fall, which is off to the festival circuit in 2023. 

In 2022 Prema gave birth to her son, and stepped into the role of producer on The Potential for Rain, and writer for Navi’s 48hour film ARIA, as well as seeing through to the end of post production on Waters Fall. For 2023 she hopes to continue to explore what it means to be an artist alongside motherhood and further develop her film craft.


What's On Next

Our short film, Waters Fall, has been submitted to festivals across the globe. Our new Podcast, In Collaboration, is now streaming on Spotify!!!

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