Waters Fall

Written & Directed by PRema Cottingham

Snatched from the sacred waterfall in the heart of Eirem, the priestess Liobhan (LEE-o-vah-n) must face her execution at the hands of the warrior Eoghan (Oh-an). Eoghan has galvanized her villagers against her, branded her a witch, and now her connection to the goddess, and the magic that comes with that, is failing too. Can she tap into the power of the waterfall to save herself and her village from her foe?

Image by: David Watson

Waters Fall was filmed over two days in March 2021.

Waters Fall was shot at KareKare Falls and at KareKare Beach out in West Auckland, New Zealand. It was brough to life with the help of 42 New Zealand based individuals working both in front of and behind the camera.


Villagers & Warriors

Ivan Essin, Holly Stephens, Renee Tamati, Kate Johnstone, Hannah Jackson, Brent Jackson, Nicci Reuben, Elodie Hunt, Molly Smallburn, Joshua Baty, Annabelle Reuben, Derek Orbaugh Antillón, Steven Logan, Amanda Hunter, Devesh Sherman, Sophie Melchior, Diane Davenport

Behind The Scenes

A Note From The Director - Prema Cottingham

Waters Fall is about feminine empowerment, the strength that comes from working in partnership with the land, and ultimately love and humanity conquering anger and despair. These are themes that I hold really close to my heart, and underpin most of my art. The other side of this is the fantasy genre, which is a genre I not only love, but I find allows exploration more of an allegory for what happens in the real world, and infused with magic and possibility.

Making Waters Fall was one of the pinnacle experiences of my life thus far. The feeling of collaboration on set, seeing years of pre-production coming to life, the adrenaline of being at the epicenter of the story making - it is an experience I will never forget. I also learned so much about what I didn’t know - as I’m sure all first time director’s would say - and so much that I will take with me to my next film.

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The Crew

Courtney Eggelton (Producer), Dawn Glover and Prema Cottingham (Executive Producers), Bertrand Remaud (Director of Photography/Editor) Geraldine Greff (1st Assistant Director), Kevin R Luck (Sound Recordist), Shay Wildgoose (Sound Editor), Sarah Dawes (Assistant to DOP), Ian Pearce (Assistant to 1st AD), Anna Klein (3rd Assistant Director and Wardrobe), Kate Rylatt (Script Supervisor), Mai Sharaf and Saskia Yates (Production Coordinators), Walter Hamer and Joy Hyung Ju Lee (Unit), Bonnie Warner-Blackburn (Art Department), Steven Logan and Lucas Haugh (Music Composition), Raven Afoa-Purcell (Makeup/Special FX), Prema Cottingham and Courtney Eggleton (Costumes), Vanya Essin and Sarah Dawes (Stunt Coordinators), Joshua Baty (Archivist), Phillip Cottingham (Stills Photography), Trajano Leydet - Waters Video Productions (Main Titles), Matt Brunton (Storyboard Artist).

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Special Thanks To Our Supporters!

Our cast and crew were fed by a grant from the Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

This film was made possible by our Patrons and the 50 people who donated to our 2021 Boosted Campaign.

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